Water made it possible. All the early stages took place in water; the origin of life, the birth of animals, the evolution of nervous systems and brains, and the appearance of the complex bodies that make brains worth having... When animals did crawl onto dry land, they took the sea with them. All the basic activities of life occur in water-filled cells bounded by membranes, tiny containers whose insides are remnants of the sea... When you dive into the sea, you are diving into the origin of us all.
—Peter Godfrey-Smith

Meg Forsyth

b. 1984 Miami, FL


2016 MFA Werkplaats Typografie (ArtEZ)
2009 BFA Pratt Institute


Through her paintings, American artist Meg Forsyth (b. 1984) explores the erotic, grotesque, and mysterious realms of the natural world brought together by bizarre human interventions. She translates her compositions into large acrylic and oil paintings using components from various automatic drawings. Recurring motifs in Forsyth’s works conjure forms resembling aquatic corals, biomorphic beings, and bodily organs. These images are framed line drawings of glossy manufactured technologies such as scalpels, syringes, and the human hand. Her work resembles a haphazard diagram of natural processes, hybridizations, and the evolution of primordial life forms conveyed through bold graphic lines, colorful pallets, and exuberantly painted fauna and flora. Forsyth’s paintings operate by mediating her ever-shifting attitude toward the future in the wake of the Anthropocene era. Her work aims to generate pictures that allude to the ethical ambiguities of scientific progress and examine the fundamental concepts embedded in hydrofeminism. Forsyth’s work serves as a reminder of our origins in nature in order to preserve it. Meg Forsyth graduated from Pratt Institute in NYC and later received her Master’s degree from Werkplaats Typografie (ArtEZ) in Arnhem, NL in 2016. In 2019 she was nominated for the Dutch Royal Prize for Painting.

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Arnhem, The Netherlands